Missing Toolbar in Stage Manager

Hi, I found another issue with Stage Manager and Agenda on my M1 iPad Pro. When I go to select a word in Agenda, even with Agenda in Full Screen in Stage Manager, the bottom toolbar disappears where you can Bold, Italics, Underline, or Strikethrough.

This is easy to repro for me so hopefully you are able to see it too.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for reporting it. We will take a look.

Yeah, was about to report that as well. Screenshot attached.

Which version of iPadOS are you on?

I am on iPadOS 16.2 and Agenda version 16.1.

FYI this only occurs with the Magic Keyboard attached, in stage manager, and while editing a entry.


Thanks for the follow up, we’ll check.

I’m experiencing the same problem. So much in fact that I stopped using Agenda. Same problem occurs in Brave

*same problem occurs in Bear (not Brave). Maybe it’s OS issue

Apple have had a lot of issues with Stage Manager, which explains why many apps have the issues. The problems are in iOS, not in the apps themselves.

We are working on a workaround for the toolbar issues, and we think we have a few good leads. Stay tuned…

A quick update to let you know that we believe to have fixed this issue in Agenda 17, again many thanks for your help finding out the cause!