Missing notes and empty projects

I just noticed that some of my projects are missing notes and I have projects that are completely empty with no notes in them at all. When I “get more” info on those projects they do not have any recent dates of activity on them. I am synced with icloud, but I havent attempted to try opening my iPad or other devices incase there is a chance my notes are still there. Was just wondering what my options were for retreiving any missing notes. I did not do anything special with any settings and it seems the Mac app was updated on 11/2. Thanks.

Very odd, we haven’t received reports of such issues from others. It does it help if you quit and restart the Mac app? And no search queries are active?


Thanks for the tip on the active search.

Not exactly sure what happened, but the search bar was missing and I guess it was being filtered by date, or something else. After clicking around that area and doing the date filter toggle a few times the search bar came back up. It left and reappeared a few times, but not sure what I did to repeat it.

Thanks for getting back to me. Here is a screenshot of what I saw.

Thanks, I’ve indeed seen it in a different screenshot posted elsewhere as well, will have a look.