Merge persons or find-replace in all notes - Caps and accented characters

Hello, a topic with few related things which might have been discussed before but cannot find any linked topic.

It would of course be very useful to have a person manager which would allow to merge, replace or delete persons.

In my case I entered a name sometimes with first letter Caps, sometimes with accented characters. Example: Céline, celine, céline.
These are (were?) counted for 3 persons in Agenda. But doing a search for one of these return results for all 3.

I wanted to merge to have only 1 person with that name. As I understand there is no find-replace for text in Agenda, although that would be a real winner ( :wink:), I replaced manually all entries to the same one (that’s @celine). Then I realized I would prefer to have the person correctly written, that’s céline. Unfortunately, if I start typing @cé Agenda pops-up the person @celine and no way to add @céline.

Are any of these features in the features to-do list ?

  • Manage persons (merge, replace,delete)
  • Find-Replace (text, persons, tags)
  • Improve handling of caps and accented characters


Definitely, the same kind of manager we have introduced for tags is also on our list for people, that should allow for exactly the type of merging and managing that you describe. Stay tuned!

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Is there any chance we could have people linked to their records in the contacts app? This would make this feature way more useful.

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Yes, that’s exactly the idea and also why we didn’t ship it alongside the tag manager as it requires a bit more work on this end.

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That’s such good news. I’m sure you’ve thought of the potential that opens up, but here are some things that come to mind:

  1. Having the contact info (phone, address etc) available in Agenda

  2. Being able to make a call from agenda.

  3. Skype, zoom, facetime with person from agenda.

  4. Go to their website

  5. Show their location on a map

  6. send them an email

Thanks, we’ll take it on board!

Is this slated to be released in Agenda 16?

No, won’t be in Agenda 16, which will be focused on collaboration

Ok, it is somewhat related, no? I could see doing a mention as a way of collaborating or while in a shared note doing a mention and the person receives a notification, etc. Or just being able to go to my persons manager to iniitate a collaboration.

Ultimately yes, they will all tie into each other, but that has to be done in a stepwise manner.


Would love the ability to delete and manage persons as well.

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