Meeting descriptions with hyperlinks not transferring fully

What I did: Started a new note based on a calendar invite using the “New Note Linked to Event” feature.

What happened: The meeting invitees and description gets pulled into the new note, but any links within the notes are stripped. The text of the link is indeed brought over, but the hyperlink and URL aren’t included.

What I expected: Hyperlinks to transfer over automatically

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 12.02 on MacOS 11.2.3.

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It’s been a few weeks so I just wanted to check in here. Is this a bug that can be fixed? Or do I have some setting wrong? This is a fair bit of work every day as I manually copy over URLs from each meeting invite even though the rest of the text comes over automatically.

I have the same issue. Would be nice if this could be fixed.

It would be very helpful if you could share some real-world notes from the calendar event that weren’t imported (you can email them directly to instead of pasting them here). We on purposely truncate event notes with meeting details as they usually contain a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t want to pollute your agenda note with, hence it not importing any notes after that or in between.

As a workaround, you can make a template and use the event-notes placeholder, then link events to a new note with this template and it will always import the event notes in its entirety.

To update anyone watching this, I sent an example to Alex the other day, as requested. I haven’t heard anything back yet, but hopefully it helps develop a fix.

Sorry for not yet confirming, I received the sample, thanks! The problem is that Apple’s calendar framework provides notes as plaintext, which means that if the event note contains “” we’ll pick it up, but if it contains Apple, we only receive “Apple” as text and cannot reconstitute it to be a link as the URL is lost along the way :frowning:

Is it an API limitation or something with how Agenda is accessing the calendar? The data clearly makes it into the Calendar framework (see screenshot from Apple’s Calendar app showing the full HTML).

Ah, that does change things, hadn’t realised it was showing up as HTML in the event notes. In that case we might be indeed able to extract it, I’ll add it to our list.

Thanks, I appreciate you looking into this. I spend a pretty good amount of time each day copying URLs into notes that could just transfer over automatically if this was in place. It would be a nice productivity boost.