Meeting Agenda > Omnifocus Shortcut — HeyScottyJ :D

Hey Scotty!

Just wondering if yourself or anyone else was intending to keep your previous Agenda > Omnifocus > Email shortcut alive?? It’s exactly what my workflow needed when I found it… unfortunately it seems like iOS14 has completely broken it…ugh… of course lol.

Just curious and proactively thank you for everything you’ve done on this one and others!

Actually digging into it further, it seems to be the specific xcallback function for Omnifocus is crashing, causing shortcuts to completely lose it’s mind requiring me to reboot the iPad lol… digging in further.

Okay everyone — apologies for making this a thread of one! :slight_smile:

However, I’ve learned that in iOS14 the x-callback-url is currently broken in which it stops the shortcut from continuing and causes a crash. Others are experiencing this as well:

So everyone knows — it’s an iOS14 GM present bug, which still exists in the latest iOS14.1B1 version (which I’m running).


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Wow, that’s pretty bad. Have you filed a feedback report to app using the feedback app?

I did - as well as a few others. Hopefully they fix it soon enough, what a mess that is. Once 14.2b2 drops, I’ll let you all know what it looks like.


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Hi folks,

Sorry I didn’t see this! Please @ me if you want my attention :grin:

The shortcut is working fine for me, so there could be a few possibilities:

  1. Maybe I’ve updated the Shortcut at some point? Here is the version I just ran.
  2. Maybe OF has changed something? I am running the public TestFlight of 3.11. But I don’t think this was an issue in 3.10?
  3. I jumped off the iOS14 beta train after the version salad that happened with 14 and 14.2. I am running production 14.0.1.

Hope something here helps!


I downloaded the latest version and am still having issues. This will be a good opportunity for me to learn some debugging. :slight_smile: Weird. I just cannot get the shortcut to run from the share sheet in Agenda … the choice is there, but pressing it does nothing.

UPDATE: This all works fine on my iphone but NOT on my ipad … both on 14.0.1. VERY weird.

I wish I could help! This is working on iPad and iPhone for me.

A couple notes:

  • I just realized I am running Agenda 11.1 beta. I’m not sure if that makes a difference?
  • Confirmed I’m running OF 3.11 beta on both devices
  • One difference: apparently, I am running 14.2 beta on my iPad

Sorry I can’t repro more! Can I suggest a hard reboot of iPad, just in cases?


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No worries at all! As it is, I am using YOUR WORK to make MY DAY more productive, so I’m not complaining. I’m on GAed versions of the iOS/iPad OS, OF, and Agenda. So there COULD be some difference there. But as if stealing your work weren’t enough, I took your advice … rebooted the iPad … and voila! Things are happy again!!

Reminds me of the old days when I constantly had to reboot Windows.

Anyway … thanks AGAIN for your help!

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I have seen a couple of things be a little janky requiring hard reboot. I blame cruft from betas and betas? Or sunspots. Probably sunspots.

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