Mazec keyboard and note issues

What I did: Used Mazec handwriting keyboard to take notes in Agenda

What happened: When I hit enter to create a new paragraph, the previous line became invisible until I touched in the note.

What I expected: Normal visibility of text

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Current with Agenda and iOS, iPad Pro 12.9" v2, Apple Pencil

Do you see this happening every time you press enter? Or is there a particular situation where it happens? (Eg. is the cursor at the bottom of the screen, or the note very big, or…?

Heads up for those of you who like me enjoy (and prefer) inputting apps like Agenda and all other with their handwriting!

Mazec got updated on iOS & iPadOS to version 2.6.1, supporting dark mode and, more importantly, getting a dictionary update, among other things.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Along these lines, we hope to support Apple’s handwriting input in iOS 14 later this year.

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Wouldn’t iOS 14 make mazec redundant?

Great point!

No, at least for those of us whose main language is not English, Chinese (both types) or Cantonese. Scribble currently supports these three languages only. It won’t yet support Spanish, French, German, Dutch etc., or at least it is my understanding.


Mazec: input canvas partially blocks screen

Nebo: input canvas is on a separate app

Scribble: limited language support from the onset (although new translation functionality seems reliable)

I use Agenda a fair amount and since yesterday I use it even more given the newfound and impressive precision Mazec now has to recognize my handwritten cursive spanish (same goes for Miro, Taskheat and other creative apps on my devices).

Once I’ve iPadOS 14 installed and that Scribble supports OCR for Spanish, I’ll see what’ll do.

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Occasionally I use Selvy penscript. It’s free too.