Maybe a marriage with Agenda and Alto?

I stumbled upon one more of Amir Khella’s amazing project , Alto.

What if Agenda in some way could do this? To show a progress bar of time left for a day/week/month/…

This should probably not be the default behavior, but a kind of mood or extension?

What do you think?

It looks very interesting, but probably not in Agenda itself. We try not to burden Agenda with too many specialized features. Instead, we prefer to integrate with other apps, like Calendar, and — soon — Reminders.

I think it works better when Alto does what it does well, and Agenda does what it does well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. To me this time-line thing is much less useful than it is thoroughly depressing.

Then you are probably better with a different app, because the timeline is pretty central to Agenda. If it doesn’t fit your thinking, you may be better looking for something different.

Ha ha ha ha. I meant the time-indicator rather, Alto.

Ah, OK. Sorry for the confusion.

No problem.

Being reminded of my death every time I open a page in Chrome would be, though.