Maximum number of notes in project?

Is the a maximum number of notes in a “project” that Agenda can handle?

I’m experimenting with structure (since giving up on Johnny.Decimal for note) and using projects as relatively broad “buckets” for permanent notes in combination with one or two dozen tags seems/seemed a very promising approach.

Now one project has 200+ notes at the moment, scrolling already feels a bit laggy (Agenda 15, 1st gen M1 MacBook Pro) and, even worse, the little related notes section in the right sidebar now seems really useless, especially with regard to linked notes (and their backlinks). Backlinks simply don’t show up at all because they apparently are not sorted to the top but instead get buried by the fact that every other note in the “project” is considered related (?) plus a bunch of other ones based on tags (?).

(Yes, I have my reasons for trying to get by with relatively few broad buckets for permanent not-really-project-in-the-project-sense notes … :sweat_smile:)


Indeed Agenda isn’t really made to have hundreds of small notes in a project, we usually advice to keep the number of notes per project limited to about 50-100 max. It might make more sense to have a bucket level category with projects as the next level. Possibly using subcategories.

Regarding the related notes, the same note in the project is not considered related enough to show up there. But perhaps they all contain the same tag? Because yes, those do show up in the related panel. Linked notes should however be sorted first, so I’m a bit surprised. Does it work if you quit and restart the app? If not, could you share perhaps such a project (also for performance testing) and some screenshots of the problematic parts by emailing them to

Thanks. I’ll shuffle stuff around and get back to you it the sorting problem persists. :+1:t3:

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By the way, the “backlink problem” only seemed to affect one particular “set” of notes (ie. one note linking to a coups of others). Recreating the links solved the issue.