Mathjax-math LaTex integration

+1 for latex support. I use agenda on my research project, so if agenda supports latex it would be a huge plus for me.


+1 for latex math equations support!

+1 for LaTeX math equations

Typora is a markdown-based editor which handles latex equations (in-line and display) which are rendered in real time. Developers, please take a look at this as a potential model for how to implement similar functionality in Agenda.

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Yes, they are probably using a web editor in their app, so the approach would be completely different.

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks, Drew. From what I can see, they are using Mathjax to render to SVG and then use this to generate an image which is placed inline (or displayed on its own line for LaTeX display-style equations).

+1 for this feature. This would probably tip the scales towards purchasing the premium version. I currently use Typora for quick markdown notes that employ quite a bit of math but having the ability to embed those notes within the Agenda app would be incredible.

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+1 for Latex syntax support. Basic mathematical input method should be fine.

+1 for Latex support, would be incredibly useful in classes. Typing out Latex is waay faster than clicking insert drawing, draw with Apple Pencil, save…

+1 for any form of equation support. It is very important for anyone working in a science/engineering environment. Any update on progress on this issue?

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No update at this point I’m afraid. Most likely it would have to come as part of some kind of plugin architecture, unfortunately we have to set the right expectations and say that although it’s something we’d like to do and have ideas for, it’s still quite a bit out.

yes what dashmile said for the love of god just put it in here

+1 this would definitely be a strong feature for all scientists using this app.

Are there any news on this?

No news, I’m afraid. We did put in tables, and that introduced at least the infrastructure we need to build in more “embedded” features, like latex. But we have some other big projects starting. Not sure when we will get to this. Sorry.

Is there any update on this issue?
Notion has the latex support, and that is the main reason I’m hesitant to migrate from Notion to Agenda.

It’s still in the roadmap, but we have bigger fish to fry at this point, I’m afraid.

LaTax support is really important. I tried Agenda for about one month and gave up because it does not support mathematical formulas.

Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of important feedback. Unfortunately, latex is still a relatively small audience compared to some of the other things on our plate, which affect much larger groups of our users.

Latex is in the roadmap. Hopefully we can get to it sooner rather than later. Sorry for the delay.


Small inserts for some short formula is easy and cool idea to start with. If this app has any level of formula input feature, I will buy it in no time.

+1 for this feature; would be extremely helpful for my workflow