Mathematical Symbols/Characters/Equations

Is there a way to imput mathemetical symbols or equations such as fractions and others?

I heavily use Agenda to note for Math class, it would be nice if I can perform these symbols/equation within Agenda.


We don’t have any support for Latex, if that is what you mean.

There are a few ways you could integrate equations:

  1. You can embed any documents you like in Agenda. If you have an equation editor with a document format, you could put that in Agenda, and even open and edit it directly from Agenda.
  2. You can link to documents or other apps. You could link to an equation editor.
  3. You can insert “preformatted” text and code in Agenda. This might be good for Latex, though to preview it you would have to copy it somewhere else
  4. You can embed images, PDFs and other visual elements. Perhaps that helps.

We will take along your request for formula support. Thanks!

You can use LaTeXiT to quickly create an image rendered from a LaTeX version of a mathematical expression and then just drag and drop it into a note. LaTeXiT

That might be OK if you don’t need to go back and re-edit equations too much. If you do, you could also paste the code.

Thanks for providing some workarounds regarding this inquiry.
I guess right now there is no quick solution that the app can directly provide.

Hoping it will be considered in the near future.


reminder that this has been requested before. I would love to see some form of LaTeX note taking and rendering, either with KaTeX or MathML.

Yes, this has been requested before, and is in the roadmap (…along with hundreds of other requests). For now the workarounds are the best bet. Even if we add the feature, it will almost certainly not be as complete as a real equation editor, though we could probably add straight latex support in some way.


If you are mainly interested in some symbols rather than big equations with a lot of fractions and integrals, a text expander like Typinator may be of help. I e.g. use it to map µµ= into ≈ and -hi8 into ⁸ and ‚‚b into :beers:

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You also use the : colon shorthand to trigger autocompletion, like :beers: to get :beers:

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