Mathematical formulas

Hi, I’m new to Agenda’s community but im using it always since 1 week. I would like to know if I can copy & paste a mathematical formula and some special characters with the premium features…?? It would be so awesome !!!

Can you elaborate a bit on what you’d like to see exactly? Latex or mathjax support? And what do you mean with special characters?

Hi, I have recently started using Agenda too and I am really liking the philosophy of Agenda. I will comment further on my experience once I have used it consistently for a bit more time, but this is roughly what I wanted to organise my stuff!!

Latex support would make Agenda incredibly good from my perspective as a Maths researcher. Sometimes I just need to type a short proof of idea, but keep it together with the timeline of my other formula free notes. Lack of Latex support is what makes using task management or note taking apps a bit frustrating because I can never have everything in one place.


I mean, when I copy & past a mathematical formula on agenda it doesn’t work so if you can add something like UnicodeMath & LaTeX or even mathjax which support this. it would be so awesome as we can create or copy and past formulas!!

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You might want to check out Quiver app. Is a note taking app that would lend itself well to your needs. It depends on your needs and workflow preferences but i use this alongside Agenda (and Bear). Worth a look.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was not familiar with the app and indeed looks good too. Might try “your combo”.

Check also the MWeb app

Thanks, I’ll try

I would love LaTex/MathJax support—I’ve given up on Bear or Evernote provides this—and would be an instant premium customer for life! But I appreciate this is unlikely to be the near the top of things you plan to implement in the near future. From an academic point of view, inline pdf would probably be the most helpful “likely” feature you’ll add.

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