Markup of embedded images

I’d love to be able to use Preview’s markup tools to annotate images I’ve already dropped into an Agenda note.

Currently if you try to edit an image you’ve already dropped in, Preview gives the error "The original document can’t be changed, so a duplicate with your changes has been created.”

So, the only recourse is to save the image back out to the desktop or something and then drop it back into Agenda again — which is a lot of kludgy steps.


You’ll be pleased to hear that, after a bit of a fight with the system, @drewmccormack has managed to make this work, it will be part of Agenda14…


Oh that’s great! I’m a graphic designer and using Agenda to track projects. This will be helpful.

This is great news, this enables a lot of interesting use cases.

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I am excited for this. I often write on meeting agendas for my boards to keep track of motions and other notes from the meeting. This will allow me to go all digital.

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