Marking off a \remind checklist item not working

What I did: Added a reminder with \remind at the end of a line containing a checklist item then checked the checklist circle to mark the item and reminder as done

What happened: The clock icon remained yellow and the reminder in the Apple Reminder app stayed unchecked

What I expected: The clock icon to turn grey and the reminder in the Apple Reminder app to be checked off as completed

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 18.12, Mac and Sonoma 14.0 (but the problem existed before I upgraded to Sonoma). Oddly, this problem is only on my laptop, not my desktop.

That’s odd indeed, does Agenda have the permission to access your Reminders app? And is this a reminder that was also created on the same machine? Or was it created on the other Mac?

Yes, Agenda does have access to my reminders because it successfully creates reminders. The reminder is created on the same machine. I’m just testing it by creating nonsense notes with a todo list with reminders on the lines.

For whatever it’s worth, the problem has made its way to my desktop as well :frowning:

Are these iCloud reminders?

I think so. They’re the reminders in the Apple reminders app, which sync through icloud.

But only part of my issue is that reminders app doesn’t see these checked off. The clock color doesn’t change in Agenda, so even Agenda doesn’t see them as checked off. Reminders on a checklist line are supposed to be tied to that item in the checklist, right?

Very strange, does it help if you:

  • quit Agenda
  • in Go to Folder under the Go menu in Finder, paste:
    ~/Library/Group Containers/
  • make a backup copy of the CachedInfo folder, then delete it
  • start Agenda

Do things works as they should after that?

Sorry to have taken so long, but no, that doesn’t help.

I’m starting to doubt myself that this ever worked, so I just want to double check:

By clicking on Agenda’s circle in a checklist, I should be able to mark a reminder as done if that line of the checklist ends with “\reminder”, right?

Yes, I believe that should work but would need to check. Are you saying that it does work if you mark the reminder itself as completed by clicking it and choosing Mark as Completed in the popover? And if so, does it in that case mark the checklist item as completed as well?

Yes, oddly clicking on the reminder and choosing Mark as Completed both marks the reminder as completed and marks the checlist item as completed as well. But the other direction does not work: marking the checklist item as completed does not mark the reminder as completed.

Right, I believe it only works in that direction at the moment indeed, we’ll consider making it work both ways. Thanks for confirming!

Thanks. Definitely an upvote here for making it work in both directions, especially since it’s a two click operation to click on the reminder and then choosing Mark as Completed. Is there a keyboard or other shotcut?

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