Marking Checkbox deletes paragraph?

It would be really helpful to have the option for checking an item as completed to result in the paragraph being deleted.

In many circumstances, perhaps most, the current behaviour is what’s needed - you can see what progress you are making through a complex series of tasks for example.

But for things like shopping lists or a ‘jot list’ of quick to dos, I don’t need a record of them, and the checked items are now just clutter.

Could a long press on the check box, for example, or option–click-checkbox, delete the para?

This is a very deliberate choice not to implement this as we believe this goes against the nature of Agenda. We strongly believe that keeping the trail of your actions is super important and that you, as much as possible, should try to avoid deleting text and checklist items etc. Instead you are probably better of just keeping the checked items around and sorting them to the bottom instead using the Edit > Checklist > Move Checked to the Bottom option.

I understand that quick jot lists and say shopping lists are probably exceptions to this rule, and indeed there’s little value in keeping these things around. But this exception doesn’t warrant a feature to make it easy to delete checked items. Instead in the future we rather add a feature to hide (but not delete) checked items.

Makes a lot of sense. And ‘hide checked’ would solve this particular problem for me.