Mark note as Done once all todos are checked

I’ve just recently found this beautiful app, and, being productivity-tools junkie, I think this is the closest to what I’ve been looking for

well, the title says it all. as I started getting acquainted and coming up with my workflow, I created a note to collect short todos for the day (like shopping list). once I checked every item, I’d expect this note to automatically mark as Done not to be present in my agenda as something I need to work on anymore



Thanks for the feedback.

We don’t do that type of thing, because a note is more than just a set of tasks, like in a task manager. It could be that you are finished the list of tasks, but plan to add more, or plan to extend the note in some way. Just seems too presumptuous for the program to assume that the note is finished with when the items are checked.

Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Appreciate your reply.

I understand your logic and agree with it, but
I imagine the note still appears on Agenda overview, it doesn’t disappear from your sight and attention, so you’re able to proceed working on it just like before. Once you add another todo [] in it, it’ll automatically uncheck Done status back. I think of it like more of a current status, not being dismissed at all. Perhaps, seeing it’s Done, I may think if I didn’t miss anything in scope of this note.

Also, maybe this might be available as a tick in Preferences.

Thank you

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll take your suggestions on board when we’ll introduce more list manipulation and sorting options.

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