"Mark as On the Agenda" / "Remove from On the Agenda" should not mark a note as edited

I might miss something evident, but to me, sorting notes and editing notes (i.e. modifying their content) are very different things.

I notice that when I mark a note as On the Agenda or remove it from On the Agenda, it is marked as edited and the note moves to the top of the “Recently Edited” panel.

To me, this completely ruins the “Recently Edited” panel. I use “On the Agenda” as an inbox to remind me of my priorities, but moving notes into it or out of it makes me lose track of what I recently wrote or updated.

Is it possible to change this?


Unfortunately this is an area where different people expect different things. We see recently edited as something quite broad, as in, you actively changed the note in some way or form, including marking it as on the agenda or removing it from it. I can see how you would want it to be purely for textual content changes. We’ll take it on board but for now will leave it as is I’m afraid.

I agree with @barijaona — perhaps allow us to select beween a “Recently Edited” and a “Recently Changed” panel so that everybody should be happy.

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Me too! For me, editing implies the content or title of the note, not its state. I change whether notes are on or off the Agenda frequently, it’s recently edited I want to see in that panel.


I’d like to highlight that the suggested change would make Agenda behavior more consistent.

Currently, moving a note to another project does not mark a note as edited. The fact that “Mark as On the Agenda” behaves differently seems odd.

My 2 cents. I see on/off of On the Agenda as a status change as well as an edit. The same as a checked task, both a status change and edit. What I don’t understand from my little test is that a note can contain an unchecked task and still be marked as done?

As an example, a larger task, say the next update of Agenda, can be done (i.e. we shipped it) without perhaps including all and every feature we originally had hoped to include and had written down as checklist items. It wouldn’t be appropriate if marking the corresponding note as done would now also check off those items that didn’t make the cutoff…