Mark as Done / Remove from Agenda - keyboard commands

When I review notes that are On The Agenda, usually once or twice a day, I generally use the keyboard commands on many of them to Mark as Done (cmd-return) and/or Remove from Agenda (cmd-shift-U).

I’d find it help full if the key combinations were logically connected and hence more intuitive and easier to remember. Cmd-return for Mark as Done makes sense, Cmd-shift-U doesn’t (to me). It would also be useful of one command could both Mark as Done AND Remove from Agenda. Again, with some logic to the keys used.

I realise there are likely to be problems with key combinations already being used elsewhere (in Agenda and outside), but how about something like:

  • Cmd-Return to toggle Mark as Done
  • Alt-Return to toggle On the Agenda
  • Ctrl-Return to toggle both


  • Cmd-D to toggle Mark as Done
  • Cmd-O to toggle On the Agenda
  • Cmd-Return to toggle both

Realise those specific key combos might not be available, but just to illustrate the logic.

Here is the full list of supported commands:

Note that it is already supporting Mark as Done Completely, which does the Mark as Done AND Remove from Agenda.


  • Cmd-D to toggle Mark as D one
  • Cmd-O to toggle O n the Agenda

I agree that it’s kind of odd that the letter U doesn’t even appear in the next, as it has indeed become kind of a convention to try to use the first letter but it’s even more important to avoid using commands that are hardwired in people’s mind to do something else. Cmd-D is usually Duplicate, Cmd-O is open, Cmd-S is save it’s often more annoying if you “override” those defaults than that it helps remembering the shortcut.

Plus, here’s another thought. It’s not that in Dutch, German or French, people get different keyboard shortcuts, so only English speaking people have traditionally had the advantage you’re describing… :smiley:


Could you make a shortcut for collapse note and remove from on the Agenda? I find this useful so that notes not on the Agenda take up less space when scrolling through projects.

There should already be shortcuts for those, I believe. What device are you using?

I’m using macOS. Currently I can see there are two shortcuts do this, I meant to ask if there could be one for both actions combined (the collapse shortcut also happens to clash with a shortcut used by Spectacle, which I’m using, though I could remap it)

Here are the shortcuts:

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ U Mark as On the Agenda / Remove from On the Agenda
⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done / Undone
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)
⇧⌘ K Pin to Top / Unpin from Top
⌥⌘ ↑ Collapse
⌥⇧⌘ ↑ Collapse All
⌥⌘ ↓ Expand
⌥⇧⌘ ↓ Expand All

For the entire list, see Introducing Agenda - #8 by system

I think combining menu commands is generally a bad idea. You end up with a large number of them, eg, on-the-agenda with collapse, on-the-agenda with mark done, on-the-agenda and move to bottom, etc etc

The best approach is probably just to learn to do the two quickly yourself. There may also be apps out there that you can use to automate key commands in some way. Eg. combine them.

ok, that sounds sensible, I’ll try remapping the conflicting shortcut then