Mark as Done and Mark as On Agenda should work in sync



Right now these two options work independently and doesn’t make sense. Normally when you mark sth as done, it should be removed from On Agenda list automatically.


I don’t necessarily agree. For example, say you have a note for a certain project you have done and the project has been concluded with all the to-do items done. You’d mark it as “Done”, but perhaps you want to keep it on the agenda as on monday you want to present the results in the weekly meeting.

I do see your point that often you do want to do the two in sync, for this reason on the Mac if you hold the alt/option key you’ll notice the menu item for Note > Mark as Done (⌘ ⏎) changes to Note > Mark as Done Completely (⌥⌘ ⏎). This does exactly what you ask for and will mark the note as completed and remove it from On the Agenda as well.


I only skimmed this the first time, and assumed (incorrectly) that holding alt and clicking the On the Agenda button, would Mark as Done Completely. It would be nice addition!


Thank you, I see your point!


This is cool. I’ve tried doing this in iOS by tapping and holding the “done” circle indicator but it didn’t work; Things 3 uses the same mechanic for choosing between marking an item cancelled or completed. Is it possible to do this in iOS version of Agenda too?