“Mark as complete” remembered the wrong “remove from agenda” setting

What I did: Marked a note as complete, when it was OTA. Agenda prompted me to remove it from OTA, or leave it OTA. I selected “don’t remove” and “don’t show me this again.”

Then I marked another OTA note as complete.

What happened: Agenda removed it from OTA.

What I expected: Agenda leaves it OTA, since that’s the setting I chose for it to remember.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    Agenda 13.0, MacOS 10.15.7

How do I get Agenda to forget that preference? I would rather manually answer that dialog box each time than have Agenda remove the notes OTA automatically.

You can reset the warning by holding the alt/option key and selecting the Agenda menu in the main menu, below Preferences it should then feature a “Reset Warnings…” option that resets the setting. Can you then try it again and see if it indeed again remembers the wrong setting?

It does. I am using cmd-enter keyboard shortcut in both cases to mark it as complete.

Thanks, we’ll fix that

OK, fixed now, should go along in the next update.

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