Mark all notes linked to an event as On the Agenda?

I’m finally feeling more comfortable with how I think Agenda is meant to be used and this seems like a missing feature.

I manage several different advertising and marketing projects across different ad networks and parts of the business. I track these as projects in Agenda and often have meetings that cover several different projects.

I link project notes to a future meeting when I want to discuss them.

When it comes time for a meeting, I’ll often have several notes from various projects attached to the event.

To prep for a meeting I have to:

  1. click the event -> 2) see linked notes -> 3) click into each one -> 4) mark as on the agenda

I’d rather be able to:
A) Add all of the event’s linked notes to the agenda at once, or even better:
B) See an overview of all notes linked to an event.

I sometimes add a new note to a project during a meeting, so B would be a better option to not have to jump between projects.

Curious to hear if I’m missing a way to do this or suggestions for a different workflow.

Interesting, I can see why you’d want that and what the current limit is. We’ll think about how this could be improved indeed.

One way you could do this is to add a specific tag to each of those notes, a bit like a codename for each client or event. You can then easily search on those and from one of the notes easily locate all the other relevant notes using this action after clicking the tag:

Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 23.03.27