Mark a note complete



There really needs to be a way to mark a note complete in Agenda.

Otherwise my notes get incredible clogged up and I waste a bunch of time re-arranging notes to the bottom if I don’t want to see them. This has become such a pain that I’ve just started deleting notes when I’m done with them, which defeats the purpose of the Agenda philosophy.

Please implement a feature (even if its optional) to mark notes complete and have them sent to an “Archive” or some sort of collapsible sub-section or something that will make organization less of a task and make looking at your list of notes not so bloated.


There are really two different aspects to your question:

  1. the ability to mark as note as done. Here you are in luck, since version 2 this is possible (Note > Mark as Done or click and hold the orange dot in front of the title).

  2. a way to archive notes you no longer want to see in your list. Here you have a couple options:

  • move the note to the bottom (hold the option key when selecting Note > Move to…)
  • collapse the note to only have its title visible (Note > Collapse)
  • move the note to a different project (e.g. named Archive or Older Notes)


These are good options, except for one thing… on the Move…to. Bottom, I think the implementation is very adverse here.

Note that when you Option and Move…to, you get a message that basically says you can’t move it to the bottom (after the last note) unless you remove the date. It’ a binary decision. You can’t move the note to the bottom AND Keep the date which would be what I wanted to do. I would have expected the choice, but you dont get the choice at all.

I think that Agenda is getting things very mixed up here. Notes should have a timestamp (that is the date they were created). This is critical. Optionally the note might should have an “edited” date (i.e the last time something was added or changed in the note. Then, it should have that “peg” date…i.e. the date to which you want the note associated on a calendar.

I want to always track the date that I enter notes. That’s very important to me, but it many times isn’t related to any “action” date. Let’s say I chose to have a series of four notes each one entered on the same day, but two of them are pegged to a calendar date and the other two aren’t. Now I want to “close” the note and move it to the bottom. The fact that it’s done hasn’t changed my requirement to know when I entered it. That’s still important. So when I move it to the bottom, I should be given the option to remove the date or keep it. Seems I can’t do that now…if I move it, I lose the date. Please consider that logic in that spot.


Our plan is to introduce the equivalent of Pin to Top but then Pin to Bottom, which allows you to keep the date.


Great News, thanks! I would love to also see a “checklist” with metadata (much like Drew mentioned). Right now each checklist has two state items, the description and the box checked/not checked. Optionally a third might have a date associated with it. That might satisfy a LOT of users that I’ve heard on here. But it also increases scope of what that checklist item now represents.