Mark a Note as Read Only

Is there any ability to mark a note as Read-Only.
This would be very useful in preventing erroneous/ unwanted edits to older notes…

Can this be added as a feature request?


We’ll take it on board. It isn’t possible now.

What might help are some upcoming features that allow you to make a note private. At least in the locked state, you can then be sure you won’t accidentally edit it.

Yes, making it private will essentially hide the note and open once a password or authentication is cleared)…

My concern is not privacy… but more protection.
I am more looking for a way to mark older notes as ‘Read-Only’ and perhaps in a slightly faded out background colour to denote the same.

Inadvertent clicks/ hitting the keyboard while the Agenda window is open is quite prone to unintended edits.

Not specifically an Agenda issue, inadvertent clicks/ typos happen in any editor
Agenda is meant to hold a lot of historic information, so a means of protecting it from inadvertent edits would be nice…

Thanks. Yes, I understood the request to make a note uneditable. Will take it on board. Thanks again!


Yes I agreed. This is very important as I used agenda to keep my finance info and would be good to make notes READ ONLY.

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