Manual how Agenda works

I love Agenda. But I do wish that you’ll make a “manual” how to. I must confess that I do not find it always terribly intuitive. I’m not saying that it has to be, but as I use it everyday, and often on the run, it would be nice to have a “how to” manual to refer to.

I have yet to understand how to change it with the new features that are just out. It is not so self explanatory. I’ll figure it out eventually, but it could be nice if I don’t have to “figure it out.”



Have you checked out the How To section of the community? This is what we consider the “manual” for Agenda.

not a one stop shop - have to check out a number of hierarchies - not as useful as a coherent organized manaul. I, for one, would like to have such available (especially as new features come along - have addendum or iterated versions would also be very helpful).


I’m afraid this is what we have on offer today. The classic PDF type manual quickly would get outdated and would be a lot of effort to maintain. Given we are a two man shop we simply have not got the resources to deliver such a manual, sorry.

Understood - maybe generating the how to section so it can be easily exported (you would be updating that I would presume) . that would serve as a useful alternative … IMHO… thanks,

We’ll indeed think how we could reuse that, good suggestion.