Manual delete of tags

Should have option to delete tags.

House keeping notes but can’t get rid of a tag, confirm no note with #blue, bin is emptied.

Search all project → No notes matching “#blue” in any of your projects", search bin → No notes matching “#blue” in the Bin

Windows/Tags showing #blue. Renamed tag, rebooted Mac but tag still there.

How to manually force delete a tag that no longer being used? Spent 1 hour figuring how get rid of tag.

Further details → Premier subscription till next year on Agenda Version 14.1.1 (231)

@drewmccormack @mekentosj One day later and tag still there. How to manually delete this tag that not used and bin emptied?

It is supposed to clean up old tags, so it must be a bug of some sort.

Something you might try is entering the tag again in a note, waiting a minute or so, and then deleting it again. Perhaps that will trigger a refresh and fix it.

Created waited 1 hour later before deleted note and tag is still there. Must be a way to manually delete? Where are tags stored?

I had the same problem. It seems a bag to me. What I did was that I had to delete the agenda app from my mac and reinstalled it (Don’t delete the icloud backup). With the fresh start, I got all my projects back and no more unused tags like before. Hope that helps.

Thanks for suggesting. Will try.

@a.madi did as your suggestion but did not work. Uninstalled and installed again on iPad too but tag can’t be removed. Could be because I have iPad and Mac too.

@drewmccormack @mekentosj this is a awful bug. Agenda must have way to delete tag. How do I manually delete tags? You include these so called intelligence but they are buggy and not intelligent and users can’t do anything. Wasting time attempting to solve a simple problem.

We are considering if we can add an option to delete a tag from the tag manager.

Why is this so important to you? I can understand it is slightly annoying to see old tags, but I don’t think it is worth rebuilding data or taking other risks to fix it.

We will see what we can come up with for a future release. In the meantime, I think it is best just to live with a few old tags in the autocomplete.

Of cause it’s important! Don’t make a backhanded statement. Why let an orphan tag there? It doesn’t make sense cluttering with something that doesn’t belong there. Mate, that’s a terrible thing to put down something that’s caused by a bug by agenda.

Judging by what you just said, I’ll won’t post any more on this and will find a way to solve it myself!

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I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried many ways but a few tags still can’t be removed.

We would like to make it possible to delete tags from the tag manager, which has some implications to what to do with the text that make it slightly more complicated and therefore didn’t make it in Agenda 14. Once we have added this possibility it should then also allow removal of these orphaned tags.

You misinterpreted what I was saying. Was not putting you down, just trying to understand why it is so important to you. Understanding these things helps us decide our roadmap.

I was also trying to understand, because not everyone has the same reaction. For some people, it is a minor issue, but you clearly find it very important, and I wanted to understand why.

Sorry if you took offense. That wasn’t the point of my post.

Last week tried some alternatives to agenda and bought one extremely good app to replace agenda. Out of patients after years of paying for agenda with bugs - orphan tag, often my list becomes non-list item when press return or space bar key on MacBook - have to manually remake list again and reindent nested list, waited many years for makers of agenda to make fonts distinguishable in black mode because heading-body-bold-etc look the same in black mode, width of notes is narrow on iPads even after hiding both side panels - wasting left and right real estate, waited years for password protection, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

For users who want to solution for orphan tag - there’s no way to get rid of it. I tried so many ways. Reinstalled doesn’t work too. Solution is to use 1 of your existing tags, rename 1 tag to something else and rename orphan tag to that tag. Wait few minutes and orphan tag will take over and app auto delete previous tag.

Migrated my notes from agenda to another app. No problem forfeiting $ for 6 more months of agenda subscription. Might come back or might not - this is second time leaving - should be final.

Update: in Agenda 16.1 you can now delete tags from the tag manager, choosing to either delete them altogether from the notes they appear in, or have them converted to plain text.