Making the next week calendar view sticky

What I did: I changed the calendar view from “today" to “next week”.

What happened: It worked but when I clicked on another project it reverted back to the “today” view.

What I expected: I would like to make the “next week” view the default setting so it doesn’t change when clicking on another project

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The calendar follows whatever is selected. So if a note has a date, and gets selected, it will go to that date.

The calendar is not there just to see your events, it is there to create new events, and link to existing ones. Seeing the events on the day of your selected note is a useful feature too.

Sure, the function is still useful. Maybe I have a different use case but I have a lot of events in calendars that I don’t immediatley prepare for. So if you have the one week view you see what is coming up and then create notes linked to the upcoming events. I have just started using Agenda and really like it and will create some calendar events through the app but there will still be lots of events created in different ways. The one week or 10 days view option is there. I just wished it was sticky once selected…

To be clear, if you mean by “sticky” that it changes with the date, you can do that with a saved search. Just select the next week or 10 days as a range in the search, then save the search. An option will appear to make those dates absolute unchanging dates, or to have them be relative to the current date.