Making Internal Links easier to add

When using right-click to add a link to a note, it would be really helpful if the pop menu included ‘recently edited notes’.

I was trying to link to a note that I’d recently created, and it was frustrating to have to navigate the file structure to find the one I’d been working on just seconds ago.

Also, it would be cool to be able to drag a note from the ‘related’ sidebar into a note to create a link.

Good suggestion, we’ll think about that

It would be great to have an action which worked as a wiki, in terms of fast linking, just by giving the project and/or project+note name. I’d prefer something very succinct for easy frequent use like \[project name#note name].

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Another suggestion, if the whole add link can be done only using keyboard interaction that would be great. At the moment on iOS it involves a lot of steps and tapping in order to link to another note/project.

Now that Agenda has been my main project management this is the only thing that slowed down my workflow. I don’t know if technically it would be difficult to add but thank you for considering it. Seeing that keyboard navigation has been first class in the app it fits right in. :slight_smile: