Make statistics more easy to access

Statistics like word count are several clicks away (via cog on Mac). I use word count a lot (drafting funding applications etc that have very strict word limits).

It would be really useful if these were visible at a glance rather than having to navigate to them.

How about making them visible at the bottom of each note, when mousing over are the left of the cog:

Perhaps users could choose, in prefs, what statistics to show in this area. I never need paras or reading time for example, but will be important for other people.


We’ll think about the options to make this more easily accessible, thanks for the suggestion.

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I like the idea suggested by @trebso to have the word count more accessible at first glance, but I am not sure it could be a good idea to put it at the bottom of the note. It could create a visual mixed up with the information in the note. Plus, I think it is not an elegant solution. :slight_smile:

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I agree the stats shouldn’t be too prominent, hence my suggestion of greyed out and only visible on mouse over. However, I’m confident the team will come up with a much more elegant solution!