Make links between Notes two way

I’m not trying to build a wiki, but I’m finding making links between Notes very useful. It would be useful if there was some way of backing links two way, automatically. I’m find this helpful for navigation - it would be more finegrained than ‘related notes’.


Contact Bill about the budget on Tuesday

The note “budget” would automatically include a backlink to “contact Bill etc”. Ideally, jumping straing to the relevant line of the note. Perhaps notes with backlinks to them would have a subtle item in the title bar, next to the date, eg “links to this note”. On mouseover a clickable list of the notes which link here would appear.


I agree that it would be nice if say notes with a link would show up in the related notes panel in the inspector with say a link icon. Unfortunately this is technically quite difficult to do in our setup, so probably unlikely to appear for the foreseeable future alas.

:sad face: (but I’ll live!)

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Could the fact of a link from one note to another be used for a note to be ‘related’? Even if the reason for the relationship can’t be shown? That would be some help.

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If I was into scripting (I never manage to get the syntax right), I suppose I could set up a script something like:
[used in a note that already has a link to another note]

  • copy Agenda Link
  • follow link in note [perhaps choose this link manually as may be more than one]
  • in the first line of note type “Linked from “
  • paste link from clipboard
  • end

if we are going to “dream big” how about a special construct similar to
which when inserted as footer to note that would automatically prove a list of all note that included an explicit link to the current note being viewed - (a “supercharge” to the related notes concept used in righthand panel)

update: sorry should have read alway back to start of thread which has same idea.