Make it easier to enter dates



It’s hard to change the date of a note. I love the way OmniFocus lets me enter all kinds of things as I’m typing, for date fields. For instance:

  1. +1 assumes plus one day
  2. -5 assumes five days ago
  3. 10/1 assumes October 1 of this year
  4. 17 assumes the 17th (the next one coming up, either this month or next, whichever is first)
  5. I can type any date, like “10/1/15” for October 1, 2015, so I don’t have to reach for the mouse while typing

These (and others) would be super handy. Right now I’m trying to put in some notes from last year. Having to click-navigate to October of last year for each and every note… arrrgh. Driving me nuts.


Good suggestions, we have some ideas in this area.