Make date format configurable (absolute date vs. relative date)

Hi, I love agenda. You did and do a great job, keep on!

I would like to habe absolute dates in the head of the notes. Every time I read “last tuesday”, “wednesday”, “three hours ago” I had to calculate date or time values in the mind. That’s exhausting.

Please introduce a configuration option to activate “absolute” dates und - if choosen - use the date format, the user had set in the systems settings of macos. Thanks!

have fun!


Great to hear you like Agenda so much! We’ll see if we can make this a preference indeed.

I would like the option of an absolute date too :slight_smile:

I too would likem to be able to format the display of the dates. We’re using the app to track caregivers for my in-laws, and we have folks that work a mix of 12 hours and non-12 hour shifts. It would be good to see that an entry starts at a time on one day and ends on the following day.

For now, we see ony DD - Mth DD, YYYY. It would be great to see this as HHMM - HHMM Mth DD, YYYY.

Has this issue (date format absolute vs relative date) been resolved?

There’s no real issue in the sense that it works as it should (correct me if I’m wrong!), however we will do our best to add a preference that would allow you to use absolute times always.