Make a Project a Category?

Is it possible to make a Project a Subcategory (or Category) with each Note Title becoming a Project?

Sometime I find myself needing another layer, so bumping everything out would be cool.

Or just making selective notes Projects

Or Selecting a Project and creating a Subcategory out of it’s title.

All of these would just be easier ways to do what could be done manually.

At this moment it’s not something that’s possible automatically. Down the line it would be something that would be nice to become possible with more shortcut/scripting possibilities perhaps.

This would be very helpful. Aspects of my work have changed in recent months, and what started out as one reali life project among many, is now the main focus of my work. I now have an Agenda Project with several hundred notes that need to be organised into projects in their own right, with the old project becoming a category.

I know I can create a new category, create some new projects and move all the notes, but a one click way would be nice.

On a related note, it would also be helpful to have notes in the category without having them in a project, especially in the transition between project and category as I decide what new projects and needed to organise the old notes. For now I suppose I’ll create a ‘general’ project.