Main window looks like to be inactive all the time

There is a visual inconsistency in the program windows of Agenda (main window and community) under MacOS 10.12 Mojave. I am using Agenda version 11.0.1 from the App Store.
Even if the windows are in the foreground and active, i.e. I work in them, they look as if they are inactive in the background. The three colored buttons to close or reduce the size of the window are grayed out and look inactive.
Since I usually have a lot of windows on my displays, this behavior is not what I expect or am used to from other programs.
Is this a bug especially under Mojave, or is it a general problem with others?

This is a design choice we made from the very beginning. We didn’t want those buttons distracting or cluttering, so they only become colored when you hover over them.

Strangely enough, this is exactly the thing that bothers me :wink:
Mac programs just work that way, and I got used to this look. Not only that – I also expect programs to look that way.
But ok, I can live with this design decision – that’s grumbling on a high level.

Agenda was pretty unique in its design. It was different in many ways, quite deliberately. Apple rewarded us with a design award, and I think you will find that macOS Big Sur looks quite a lot like Agenda. Some apps follow, and some lead.

We made a design decision. There are pros and cons to it. It is less like the other apps, but it also is less distracting. Some will like it and some won’t, I guess.

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