Mail integration

I like to use this app as a very simple CRM app, it would be great if there was a possebility to get specific mails into a project.
With Airmail it is possible te send individual mails to the
todo app Things, would love such a feature integrated into Agenda.



Looking forward for having that feature implemented!

Is it possible to have integration with Spark either?
Spark already have with some other apps… like todoist, bear, evernote, etc

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We’ll take it on board. Thanks!


Thank you! would be even possible in the future to have Agenda integrated with Share Menu on the mac? Thanks!

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Yes, we would like to do that.


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Would love to have this too. The more Agenda can integrate with other apps (Airmail, Bear, Fantastical, Astro, Spark) the more useful it would be. And if Agenda aspires to be more than other project/task managers, I think it would be great if that interoperability included moving across text, rather than just links (as per the Things/Airmail integration).

It would also be good if you could add a LINK to an email in a note (instead of copying or emailing a note’s contents and making it a new note). This is something done in Things and it is really nice because you can leave the email in your Mail app but quickly get to it when you want via the link.


Linking to a note would be ideal! Mail integration is great but I would likely lose the message in the masses of emails!

In its last update Spark allows to create a LINK you can paste in a Note, and it sends directly to an entire conversation (included the attachments) to a Spark server online, which everybody with this link can see. This is a very powerful resource!

But that is possible! Agenda seems to support Apples Message URLs. Just Drag’n’Drop an Email from Mail into a note. When you klick on that note in Agenda you’ll be directed to that specific email in Mail.

Oh, and that works for folders/files too!

Integration into Spark would be a nice add. I send emails to Evernote all the time, but would love to get away from the monthly fee that Evernote has and save on having multiple note apps.