macOS Widgets

Hello awesome Agenda Team!

Is there a posibility for Direct Particular note widget?

I know we can see the agenda widget but it would be great if just like Apple Notes we can have a widget that connects to a particular note.

Im really enjoying my use of the Agenda program as a clinic manager. Most days I only need to read a particular note really fast. I don’t mind looking it up since Ive set up my Agenda app to be very organized, but that quick click and an particular note opening is something I really enjoyed from the new Apple Note software that came with the new Beta. I have transferred all my notes to Agenda and I look foward to that feature.

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Yes, and no. On iOS, that widget already exists. It is called “Favorite Note”, and if you flip the widget, you can choose a note there.

I have just finished work bringing this widget to Mac too, but it will be September-October before it comes out, I’m afraid. It will come with the new OSes from Apple.