MacOS Light / Dark mode switching is buggy

Similar bugs have been brought up before, but still this problem remains. Here’s the specific problem on latest versions (as of Oct 1, 2022) with screenshots.

What I did:

Use MacOS General preference pane to switch from Light to Dark, or from Dark to Light, while Agenda is open. Or set MacOS to switch automatically and wait for the right time.

What happened:

The colors don’t change correctly, and I have to restart the app every time.

When switching from Light to Dark:

When switching from Dark to Light:

What I expected:

When switching from Light to Dark:

When switching from Dark to Light:

Agenda 15.0.2, MacOS 12.6 (Monterey), MacBook Pro (M1 Max)

It remains difficult to reproduce for me somehow but we’ll take another look, we had something similar on iOS and believe we managed to fix it there.

I still have troubles reproducing the issue. Is the app continuously running or does this happen right after waking the Mac from sleep? Or do you literally see it happen with the open running at the moment it switches? And if so, always or sometimes? And does it matter if you’re editing in agenda or not, have it in the foreground vs background etc?

Ah, one more question, you don’t use any of the accessibility high contrast settings do you?

I actually thought I did, but turns out they were either reset in one of the upgrades, or I turned them off. I used to have a couple of things like “reduce transparency” (under Accessibility → Display) and turned off “Allow wallpaper tinting” (in General.pref), but upon double checking, it was all back to default. I tried switching them on/off, and then changing Light/Dark, but kept getting the exact same behavior with Agenda. Sidebar font colors remain stuck.


@mekentosj And yeah, always. Not sometimes. Editing doesn’t matter. Foreground/background doesn’t matter. Gif shows switching light/dark in MacOS settings (agenda in the background). However, same thing happens when I switch light/dark in Agenda’s settings (Agenda is on foreground).

Also, I use an external thunderbolt 5K display (LG UltraFine 27inch). However, I just unplugged it, and the problem is still there.

Super odd, it works for me with the same setup, but we’ll keep an eye out on any specifics that could explain it, if you find conditions under which it does work, let me know

@mekentosj FWIW, it seems that the problem is … gone…-ish… in MacOS Ventura (13.0). I saw one time when the entire sidebar stayed dark (fonts and background), while the rest of Agenda became light. But I haven’t reproduced that yet. Other than that, it looks like color switching is working correctly now.

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Great, thanks for the confirmation!