Lowercase @people is being suggested despite no references to this person anywhere

Not sure how but it’s only happening for this one person. I have made sure that references to this person in lowercase does not exist anywhere in my notes. (Side note, doing this was very tedious. It would be great if we have case sensitive search)


I have tried:

  • Signing out and signing back in to Agenda
  • Restarting the app
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app

This happens to the app on Mac, iPad, iPhone. All are running latest stable version of OS, and latest Agenda version.

Are you sure you emptied the trash? It could still be in one of the notes or projects you have deleted if the trash hasn’t been emptied yet. In the future we hope to add a people browser, similar to the one for tags, that would make it easier to locate the particular person-tag.

Yes Trash was emptied a few hours back, and I just did another round of checks and I still can’t find it in any of my notes :frowning:

At this stage there’s no easy way to clean up any orphaned entries I’m afraid.