Loving Agenda, Confused by Lack of Ways to get Links, Shared info In

I am loving Agenda after 24 hours - brought all my Bear notes in, and love having them organized into proper projects and linking dates, etc.

I am glad that I can use the “Share” menu to send things from Agenda to other apps. I find it confusing that Agenda doesn’t have its own “sharing” box to check in System Preferences so that other apps can send it data.

Specifically, I am looking for ways to send in the links to folders and documents in my directory (a la Things) (not attach them) and also send data from Things back to Agenda. I didn’t see this on the feature request list, but maybe I missed it. Totally new to this, so if anyone has a good way to get nice links to documents, directories a la Things and Bear that I am missing that would be great.

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We definitely have plans to for an Agenda sharing extension at some point.