Lost yellow Agenda theme with latest update?

Hello, I opened Agenda after a week off and noticed that it doens’t offer it’s lovely and distinctive yellow/orange light theme anymore. I can only choose between System, Dark and Light which now looks monochrome and very dull.

Is there anything I can do to have the Agenda theme back? I thought it was what it set it apart from other apps, like Evernote’s green or Todoist’s red.

Thank you.

It sounds like you have set your Mac to use the Graphite theme on 10.13, which Agenda now supports (i.e. all controls and buttons are desaturated). If you set your system to use the default blue theme it will also use the orange.

Thank you!

I am updating to Mojave now. Will I be able to keep the light orange theme in Agenda but keep either the dark theme in the OS, or light graphite? So that the two are independent?

On Mojave you can maintain orange in combination with the dark theme yes (it’s the default). If you pick dark (or light theme) with the gray (instead of blue) accent color though, you get something similar as to what you have now on 10.13. So in other words, on Mojave the accent color determines whether Agenda uses the orange, differently coloured, or grey buttons, irrespective of whether in light or dark mode.

Ecxellent, thank you.

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Dear M,

I know I am digging up bones, but I would really like to use Agenda with a dark theme and accented colours, without being forced to change my system-wide colour settings (since I have ‘other’ as highlight colour in my desktop preferences.

So I can keep my graphite-looking OS but have a splash of colour in Agenda – which is very nice.

Thank you.

I kind of understand why you are asking but I’m afraid it’s not something that warrants the extra UI on the Mac, sorry.

Shame. No problem, I see your point. It just looks dreadfully bare.

Thank you for your reply!

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