"Loose" Notes

Hey all,

Been reading a couple of posts mainly in this section trying to get a sense as to how others handle their notes and research. I really want to give Agenda a fair shot and migrate my notes to it, but I have a fair amount of what I call loose notes. What are loose notes? Well, notes not pertaining to any specific project or where date is relevant. Things like odd stuff I need to do on occasion and need to look up how to do it each time, or random information I need to look up every once in a while.

Granted, I could place this all in a scratchpad or generic project, but feels weird (guess I’m too stuck to the tag structure of apps like Bear).

Would like to hear your thoughts or suggestions on this topic.

Why not create a category “Other” and then a “project” with the name “loose notes” and keep them there. I use that approach (with other labels, though) and it works well. I just drag notes that don’t fit anywhere else in there…

Thank @lily, so far that’s what I’m thinking of doing, but wanted to hear other thoughts too and understand if it’s working well for others

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This could be the thing I struggle with the most in Agenda use. I dislike the idea of a miscellaneous category, but the tradeoff is notebook proliferation with only a few notes in each.

Ergo, a generic category in each of my life’s areas is what I’m doing too. I don’t think it’s a good solution though.

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We have some ideas around this topic that could be a nice solution, stay tuned!


I agree, not the ideal solution but seems to be the way I’ll have to go. A generic project in each larger area and then make use of tags like I used too.

Ooh… now I’m curious :smiley:

I use the same approach as Lily (a “Misc” project) and augment it with a “Misc” tag. If I’m typing in a non-Misc note and have a “loosely”-related thought to jot down I’ll include it in that note but tag the line “Misc”. This brings it up in the right-hand “Related Notes” pane when I’m working anywhere in Misc project notes.

I like the idea of bringing in related notes to these loose format notes. Makes sense. Alternatively, another way, and possibly one that will work better with my use case and projects is have it the other way around: Loose note with a particular tag, and once I’m in a specific project that makes sense to link/reference that specific loose note, use the tag there.

Thanks all for the input so far. Really helping me to structure my notes and get a better sense of how Agenda will fit in long term.

You may be able to come up with projects for some of them if you think about why you do them, even if it’s something a little vague like “Household”.

Right now I’m using a journal category for all my loose notes. If they aren’t project related, they fall into the journal “project” tagged to the day I created them. That gives me a nice log looking back of all the various loose notes and random thoughts I’ve had. Interspersed in there are daily plans, 5 minute look backs, idle musings and the like.

What would your ideal solution be if you could have it?

How do you accomplish it in other apps?

I suggest a category “other” and a project called “For Review”

Also/or tag notes and make a specific search filter.