Logitech Crayon support for Scribble text entry?

What I did: Tried to use the Logitech Crayon to enter handwritten text.

What happened: The screen moved instead of having a line drawn to write

What I expected: To write text

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 12.0.2(181), iPadOS 14.4, 5th Gen iPad mini. I can draw with the crayon and it works with scribble in other apps.

As far as I am aware, scribble only works with Apple’s latest pencil. I don’t think other stylus products are supported.

Are you sure Logitech’s crayon works with scribble?

The crayon does work with scribble in fact
I am writing with the crayon right now.

I think I found a setting that had gotten turned off and scribble now works with agenda

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I am a little curious: Which setting did you toggle? :thinking: