Logbook and archiving

I’ve started to experience the limitation of Agenda (for me!) where People cannot be removed and Projects cannot be archived (in other words: available but out of sight). It is critical to keep a record of minutes and corporate communication for a period of time, but absolutely unnecessary to see old projects at all time!

Things app have an elegant solution with their Logbook.

Thanks for listening.

Not to sound arrogant, but if you refer to Things’ logbook, what is stopping you from creating a category “Logbook”, collapsing it and dragging every project that you no longer want to see inside?

If you want to have that always at the bottom, you can add a “Z” in front. I’ve done that and while it’s not as elegant as Things’ solution, it does work…

Good hack Lily –thank you. I wasn’t aware of the collapsing feature. Will work for now, for sure.

But let’s push it now to the developer as a feature request, as we would agree that Agenda should continue to be an elegant solution we can invest on for the long run.

Of course!

Indeed the workaround @lily describes is what we would suggest at this point in time, we have a better solution planned.