Logbook and archiving

I’ve started to experience the limitation of Agenda (for me!) where People cannot be removed and Projects cannot be archived (in other words: available but out of sight). It is critical to keep a record of minutes and corporate communication for a period of time, but absolutely unnecessary to see old projects at all time!

Things app have an elegant solution with their Logbook.

Thanks for listening.

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Not to sound arrogant, but if you refer to Things’ logbook, what is stopping you from creating a category “Logbook”, collapsing it and dragging every project that you no longer want to see inside?

If you want to have that always at the bottom, you can add a “Z” in front. I’ve done that and while it’s not as elegant as Things’ solution, it does work…

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Good hack Lily –thank you. I wasn’t aware of the collapsing feature. Will work for now, for sure.

But let’s push it now to the developer as a feature request, as we would agree that Agenda should continue to be an elegant solution we can invest on for the long run.

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Of course!

Indeed the workaround @lily describes is what we would suggest at this point in time, we have a better solution planned.

This is how I’m using this, although it is a little clunky.

I found that naming it xxarchive ensures it is at the bottom of the list of projects. Similarly I use !! to push things to the top of the project list - so "!!bd - active” is above everything else.