Location of ‘link' items in Cog Wheel menu

I often make links between notes - both by copying the link of the current note and pasting into another, and by selecting ‘link to’ in one note to add a link to another note.

Everytime I open the cog wheel menu, I find it a bit confusing remembering which command I need. I find myslef running my eyes up and down the menu trying to find the correct comment.

I think it would be easier if the two relevant commands ‘copy as > Agenda Link’ and ‘Link to > [note]’ were adjacent or perhaps combined in a menu item like ‘Link to/from >’ or perhaps adjecent and renamed in some way.

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I see your point. The reason we did it that way is the Copy As doesn’t change the note, but Link To edits the note, so we put it with other things that insert something, like tags, people etc.

We will think about it.

Thanks! I understand there are a number of different, and perfectly logical, ways of arranging the menu item!