Lists and Numbering

Hello, In the reminders app, they put a number to know how many items are in a certain Reminders List. Do you have any plans on allowing the ability to add numbers to know how many notes are inside a project or a list? I ask because i was planning on only making items and then deleting them. This is useful to know at a glance how many i have inside that i have not finished.

Thank You


If you look at the icon for each project you will see that the number of lines gives a rough visual indication of how many notes it has:


Yes, the icon gives some feeling about the “fullness” of a project. It is true it is not an exact measure, but we felt having a number on every project would just clutter the interface a lot for not that much gain.

In future, we would like to add stats to notes and projects, so that with a click, you could see things like note count or word count. That is probably the best approach.

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Please do! Thank you!