List of recently viewed notes?

The recently edited notes list is great. But going back to a recently viewed note (that you just viewed, didn’t edit) is a pain. If it’s just the last one or two you looked at the navigation arrows are fine, but further back it gets messy.

How about making the navigation arrows right clickable to show a history of viewed notes that you can then select and jump straight too?

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That’s an interesting idea, will think about it, thanks!

Yes, I am pretty sure very early in our development, we had exactly this. It was before the app was released. There was a history list. For some reason we decided it didn’t work well, or was too complex, and it got pulled. In theory the data is all there in the history — just needs to be exposed.

No promises, but we can consider it. May be we conclude the same as last time

I guess a half way point may be long click on the navigation buttons shows a menu of recents. Would that work for you?

The exact implementation doesn’t bother me! So long as there is an easier way of going back to a (relatively) recently viewed note. This is especially the case when the notes are in different projects, as it’s not alway easy to remember where the other note is located.

Having said all that, being able to view two notes/windows at the same time, as I think you have hinted at, will make this request less relevant - so long as it’s possible to navitagate between notes in one ‘window’ while writing in the other. (I often find myself needing to refer to other notes while I write a note - eg summarising (one summary = one note) conversations with different people (one person = one note)

+1 I’d love a recently viewed notes list.

I guess some of the problem is what notes to consider “viewed”. There can be several notes on screen at once. Do we consider each one as viewed? It’s not quite as clear as “edited”.

The history buttons were ultimately brought in to solve this problem. Clicking back a few times in history should usually get you where you want to go. I wouldn’t be against a long click to bring up a list, like a browser often does.

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Fair question, I admit that I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought to it. To me, it means a note that I’ve clicked on. I realize that’s just me though.

re: history, it’s possible to lose history by navigating back, and then clicking on something else.