List after Heading 1 is broken

What I did:

  • Typing Heading 1
  • hit return to next line
  • entered dash to start a list, typed words

What happened:
the list took on style of H1

What I expected:
a list

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
A 9.2.1 Mac

This doesn’t always happen, and it may be that I’ve typed an extra, accidental, key stroke when it does happen - but I can’t track it down.

Please install version 9.3 and see if this still happens. There were some changes in that for the editor.

Kind regards,

Will do.

Can anyone explain why my Mac seems to lag in automatically installing updates from the AppStore? I assumed I was up to date, but when I visit the AppStore I see the new version has been up for 2 days, and the button says Update.

Not sure, sometimes the AppStore has these kind of quirks alas.

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