Links to files on mac

I have been using MacOS Notes to deal with projects in the past and put links to files I am working on for the project in the note (or group of notes). I can open them from the note edit and it is saved back to the original file. Agenda does not seem to have this ability which is a serious drawback. I tried using aliases but they dont work.
Does anyone have a good workaround for this? Surely if Apple can do it in a free app, it should be possible in Agenda.

Agenda has two possibilities:

  1. You can drag a note from Finder to make an attachment. These attachments are not editable, but you can view them.
  2. You can create a link to a file by dragging and holding down CTRL as you drop the file. This creates a link, which will take you to the original file which you can then edit.

Apple is the World’s most valuable company. We are two guys working in our bedrooms. “Free app” has nothing to do with anything. Facebook is “free” too.


Thanks Drew,
Maybe I missed it but dropping with CTRL is a viable work around whereas 1. is not for many situations.
I agree Apple is big but a replacement app must offer adequate additional functionality to justify purchase (which I did) without losing significant capabilities of the reference. It would be great if you can implement full openable links in due course.
Cheers and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback! Reproducing all features of an app made by an Apple or Microsoft is very difficult for a small independent company with a few developers. What you get instead is some different take or angle on the solution.

Eg. We focus on dates, and a timeline of notes. Bear has a strong emphasis on a tag grouping, markdown, very simple interface, etc. All the independents have some twist on what Apple does, because if you just make a copy of Apple Notes or Evernote, why would anyone use your app?

So Agenda is special in its focus. This appeals to some, and those people will prefer it over Apple Notes even if not every Apple Note feature is in Agenda.

We strive to include Apple Notes features too, but it isn’t viable to get them all into Agenda in the few years we have been developing the app. We’ll see what we can add in future.

Kind regards,

Could you tell us how you did that?

I believe many people here use Hook to make links to files:

If you want to link to mails, too, you can get the URL of an individual message. I’m not sure whether that is native to the Mail app or if I’m getting it thanks to MailSuite:

Yes hook is an excellent tool for getting links to files - you can rename and move the files around, with no problems.

Another possibility is to use iCloud sharing. It’s a bit lengthy, but it works.