Links remain even if the linked note is gone?

Seems as though the “link” reference hangs on even if the referenced link disappears? Is this intentional? I added a link, one Note to another Note, and then deleted the other (moved to trash then emptied the trash). The original link still shows even though it doesn’t actually go any where.

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Yes, we don’t yet support bi-directional links, i.e. the title or state of the link does not update if that target note changes or gets deleted. Perhaps something we will add in the future.

Yes, bidirectional linking is significant. Externally it would be difficult and nearly impossible to keep updated, especially if it was to the web, but at least internal to Agenda,it would be very helpful. I see the so called “links” (term used by most apps these days) more as pointers rather than links. Links for me imply a connection from both directions. I know “link" has been used probably since hypercard.

Regardless, I hope you’ll make the connections two way internally.

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