Links function - return to orginal note

I recently started using Agenda to track several projects that I am working on. There is a lot of great functionality in it inlcuing the linking notes to dates etc.

Many of my notes have links to other notes that i have created. So i create a note and include a link, later i go back to that note and i want to use that link to go back to the reference note. Once i follow the link, is there a way to return to the first note easily, link a back button?

As I get more used to the program I will most likely have addtional questions.


I would like to something like this as well. At least a keyboard shortcut.

We have a browser like history. You will find two arrows at the bottom of the left panel. If you follow a link, clicking the back button there should take you back.

There is the “Go Back” menu item in View that also does this, and has a keyboard shortcut.

Does that help?

Oh my why did I never notice that? Thank you!

Excellent thank you very much. This is very helpful. I am starting to get used to functions. This is an excellent tool. Keep up the excellent work and timely feedback.

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