Linking to Projects and Areas

What I did: I found I could link to a note with an Agenda Link.

What happened: I couldn’t link to a project or an area in the same way.

What I expected: to be able to do that!

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS.

Can we do this? If not, why? Is it planned? Would really help me using Agenda alongside other planning tools to be able to link to projects and areas rather than just spicific notes.

What is it you have in mind when speaking of “linking to a project?” Clicking a link to a note automatically takes you to that note, which is visible as part of a project. Linking to any note in a project will make the whole project visible when you click that link. So unless there was a different result you were expecting, linking to a note and a project are pretty much the same thing.

As for “area,” it’s not clear what’s meant by that…

Sorry, for Area I meant Category.

Linking to a project would essentially open the project at the top rather than going to a specific note. That would be useful if I had some place, like a mindmap, where I’d want to be sure I always ended up linking to the very top of a project, the very latest note added.

On the Mac, you can get a link to a project by right clicking it. If you paste that link somewhere, clicking it should open the project.

Don’t think we have this on iOS yet.