Linking to other notes through action

Before settling on Agenda as my note-taking app, I’d been (like many people I suspect) trying out many of the newcomer note apps (such as Roam or one of its derivatives), as well as other apps built around the ideas of a Zettelkasten (Zettel, The Archive, etc).

While I eventually decided that these apps were not for me, one concept that I’ve found really useful was the easy linking of notes. I’m not talking about backlinking (in my view the real potential of backlinks depends on how you surface those to the user), I’m talking about plain direct linking. Most of the apps cited above let you link to another existing note without taking your hands off the keyboard, and that’s extremely empowering.

In most of these apps, typing a double bracket [[ will present you with a list of existing notes, and typing a few more characters will quickly pare down this list to only a few candidates, from which you can easily find the note you’d like to link to.

In Agenda, it is possible to link to an existing note, and I’m making heavy use of this functionality. However, while in the other apps mentioned linking to a note involves typing a few characters, in Agenda it means navigating at least 3 menu levels down (Insert > Link to > Recently Edited) which involves quite a lot of precise mousing around, see screenshot:

Unless I’m mistaken there’s no way to insert such a link through the keyboard alone. I know one can also find the note one is looking for and get a link to it from its cog wheel icon, but that’s even more disruptive to the writing.

Which brings me to my suggestion: I know you can invoke actions in Agenda (e.g. \ date will insert the current date). Could it be possible to add an action like \link, which would present you with a keyboard-navigable note browser? From there you could select a note, and a link to that note would be inserted wherever the caret currently is.

From what I’ve read on the forums, I understand super-fast, keyboard-navigable, keyboard-filterable popover browsers were recently added to the app :slight_smile:


+1 I would love for the “open quickly” panel to apply to the “link to” list. So, select some text, invoke a shortcut, type a word of the note title to filter the notes down.


Thanks for the feedback. We are very aware of this ourselves, and I think you are in luck, because autocompleting tags and links and the like is next on the list for @mekentosj. Should come out later this year with some luck.


great news, thanks


Would the Mac’s built-in custom keyboard shortcuts solve this, at least partially, for now? Not at my mac so can’t try.